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Suzanne Scherr

Suzanne Scherr


  • Acrylic
  • Oil
  • Watercolor

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After a lifetime of packing and moving, mostly on the East Coast and in Europe, I recently landed in Lake of the Woods and paint full-time.

Making art has always been a healing practice. The insights and reverence that result from quiet observation can be positively addictive. Conveying those insights through color, composition, and pattern has been a constant goal.

In addition to showing my work in juried shows in Maryland and Virginia, I’ve painted portrait and landscape commissions and owned a studio that provided workshops in creative recovery; painting in acrylic; art and craft for preschoolers, and clay sculpting.

Most of my recent work is triggered by my quick sketches of people or animals encountered when traveling.


Suzanne Scherr

"Hot Lillies"

Suzanne Scherr

"Good Friday"

Suzanne Scherr


Suzanne Scherr

"Righteous Indignation"