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Exhibition Schedule

2016 Exhibitions


Featuring Sheryl Crowell
All Members Exhibition

May 3 - May 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, May 5


Featuring Johnny Johnson
All Members Exhibition

June 1 - June 27

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 3


Featuring Cathy Herndon
All Members Exhibition

June 28 - August 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 1


Featuring Robyn Ryan
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 29

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 5


Featuring David Lovegrove
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 2


Featuring Gloria Affenit
All Members Exhibition

October 4 - October 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 7


Featuring Jessica Cannon
All Members Exhibition

November 1 - November 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 4


Holiday Gala
All Members Exhibition

November 29 - January 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, December 2


2017 Exhibitions


All Members Exhibition

January 3 - January 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, January 6


Special Show TBD
All Members Exhibition

January 31 - February 27

Opening Reception
First Friday, February 3



May 2016
Imaginings by Sheryl Crowell

Opening Reception • Friday, May 6, 6-9 pm.
Show Runs Through May 30, 2016


Versatile local artist Sheryl Crowell marks her fifteenth year at Art First Gallery with new works featuring the imaginative use of recycled and whimsical materials. Best known for her sensitive and subtle manipulation of acrylic paint in images of archetypal women and children, in this show, Sheryl considered all media as fair game. She playfully incorporates metallic thread; beads; plastic bread tags; dried orchid petals, and rhinestones. Her intuitive use of unlikely materials generates a creative series of “party animals”.

Sheryl studied art at the University of Mary Washington. Her work has been featured at libraries in North Stafford, Fredericksburg and Bowling Green. She’s also participated in group shows in local restaurants and libraries. This is her seventh solo show at Art First.

Sheryl Crowell

"Party Puffin" - Sheryl Crowell

Sheryl Crowell

"Sunrise Zebra" - Sheryl Crowell

Sheryl Crowell

"Tacky Plastic Zebra" - Sheryl Crowell

Art by other Art First Members

Below are pieces included in the exhibit by other members of Art First members.


Cathy Herndon

"Halong Bay - Vietnam" - Cathy Herndon

Tarver Harris

"Stargazer" - Tarver Harris

Joyce Leatherwood

"Forrest Layers" - Joyce Leatherwood

David Lovegrove

"Abandoned Shut" - David Lovegrove