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Exhibition Schedule

2016 Exhibitions


Featuring Johnny Johnson
All Members Exhibition

June 1 - June 27

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 3


Featuring Cathy Herndon
All Members Exhibition

June 28 - August 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 1


Featuring Robyn Ryan
All Members Exhibition

August 2 - August 29

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 5


Featuring David Lovegrove
All Members Exhibition

August 30 - October 3

Opening Reception
First Friday, September 2


Featuring Gloria Affenit
All Members Exhibition

October 4 - October 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, October 7


Featuring Jessica Cannon
All Members Exhibition

November 1 - November 28

Opening Reception
First Friday, November 4


Holiday Gala
All Members Exhibition

November 29 - January 2

Opening Reception
First Friday, December 2


2017 Exhibitions


All Members Exhibition

January 3 - January 30

Opening Reception
First Friday, January 6


Special Show TBD
All Members Exhibition

January 31 - February 27

Opening Reception
First Friday, February 3



May 2016
Okra & More by Johnny Johnson

Opening Reception • Friday, June 3, 6-9 pm.
Show Runs Through June 27th, 2016


According to Johnny P. Johnson, “the much maligned vegetable”, okra, will be featured in his latest exhibit at Art First Gallery in downtown Fredericksburg. Okra triggers reflections on childhood, on heritage and on history in these latest works. Even dried okra seeds and pods, collected for years in anticipation of this show, add texture to some paintings.

Johnny’s portfolio of thousands of figurative, realistic and abstract paintings spans 60 years. Collectors come from here and abroad. His work also hangs in embassies, hospitals, and other institutions.

In 1959, Johnny moved to Fredericksburg to teach art. He is also an original member of its oldest cooperative gallery, Art First, formed in 1992. The community remains grateful for his role as an art educator and advisor, and he continues to find diverse and innovative ways to share his lifelong passion for art.

Johnny JOhnson
Johnny JOhnson
Johnny JOhnson
Johnny JOhnson
Johnny JOhnson

Art by other Art First Members

Below are pieces included in the exhibit by other members of Art First members.


Ariel Freeman

"Music Man" - Ariel Freeman

Sally Rhone-Kubarek

"Flea Market" - Sally Rhone-Kubarek

Chris O'Kelley

"Robin Perched" - Chris O'Kelley

Linda Warshaw

"Early Ride at Belmont" - Linda Warshaw