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Exhibition Schedule

2015 Exhibitions


Featuring Adam DeSio
All Members Exhibition

April 29 - June 1

Opening Reception
First Friday, May 1


Featuring Gloria Affenit
All Members Exhibition

June 2 - 29

Opening Reception
First Friday, June 5


Featuring Linda Warshaw
All Members Exhibition

July 1 - 27

Opening Reception
First Friday, July 3


Featuring TBD
All Members Exhibition

July 29 - August 31

Opening Reception
First Friday, August 7



20th Anniversary Celebration
February 2012 • All Member Exhibition

Our anniversary celebration was a great success.
Thank you to all that it possible!


Helen Butler

"Pair of Pears" - Helen Butler - oil

Jane Snead

"Old-Timer" - Jane Snead - oil

Paula Rose

"New Year" - Paula Rose - oil

Jenna Anderson

"Just for You" - Jenna Anderson - oil

Ed King

"Heeler Puppy" - Ed King - oil

Brandon Newton

"Deep Field" - Brandon Newton - oil

Ruth Ann Loving

"Confetti" - Ruth Ann Loving - acrylic

Audrey Bruno

"After the Rain " - Audrey Bruno - Photography

Pat Thalman

"Lovely Lake" - Pat Thalman - fluid acrylic

Leah Comerford

"Party of One" - Leah Comerford - acrylic