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March 2017
"Critters & Stuff" by ED KING



With strong and sure brushstrokes, Ed King paints in a recognizable style, honed over decades spent painting and sculpting. His work and accessible teaching style are well known throughout Fredericksburg and surrounding counties. This is his nineteenth year as a member of Art First Gallery.

Ed is personally acquainted with many of the “critters” he paints, as he worked on a farm and paints from life in nature. He earned his Masters of Fine Art from Pratt Institute in New York City and also studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Currently, he teaches at Germanna Community College, LibertyTown Arts Work Shop and The Arts Center in Orange.

Ed King

"Rooster" - Ed King


Ed King

"Zebra" - Ed King


Ed King

"Rhio" - Ed King


Ed King

"Camels" - Ed King


Ed King

"Bison" - Ed King


Ed King

"Giraffe" - Ed King