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June 2017
"Waiting for a Connection"
by Suzanne Scherr



For the past eighteen months, I’ve enjoyed creating publicity for each artist slated for a month-long solo show at Art First Gallery. Their motives to create are as varied and interesting as their work. Now it’s my turn to describe what drove me to paint the pieces featured in my show this June.

“Write what you know” was Mark Twain’s often quoted advice when I was in grade school. For this show, I decided to paint what I knew, and maybe gain some insight and even humor from the memories. Forty years in government policy, in the US and internationally, meant constant travel on planes, trains, and in relentless Washington metropolitan area traffic. I had plenty of time to reflect on the anonymous, yet, oddly intimate commuting experience. Midway, cell phones contributed to a growing sense of isolation in the crowds. Sketching people and keeping a journal of titles for possible paintings, when and if I carved out the space and time to share my experiences, were a respite.

Although I first began to show hand-pulled stone lithographs and prints in the mid-1980s, and changed to painting watercolors from the perspective of birds over the next twenty years, acrylics are used for most of these paintings. Birds as a last trace of nature and the ordinary human experience continue to fascinate me.

Suzanne Scherr

"Good Friday" - Suzzanne Scherr

Suzanne Scherr

"Homage de Cezanne" - Suzzanne Scherr

Suzanne Scherr

"Waiting for a Connection" - Suzzanne Scherr

Suzanne Scherr

"Forgotten Barn" - Suzzanne Scherr

Suzanne Scherr

"Hope" - Suzzanne Scherr