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Lisa Gillen

My fascination with glass was actually a happy accident when I got my start over 25 years ago.

I started my journey with traditional leaded and foiled stained glass but it wasn’t until I was introduced into the world of fusing that I found my true passion for glass art. A whole new exciting world in which to create with sheet glass, crushed glass, paint, molds and more (much more). This stirred up a whole new passion (obsession) with glass art.


I am grateful for all the glass artists who have been generous and have taught me specific techniques. Without all of them sharing their invaluable wealth of knowledge I would not be the artist I am today.


A lot of my success has come through old-fashioned trial and error and the willingness to take chances, experiment, (and yes) even fail. In my opinion nothing beats having an idea, formulating that idea into a plan, applying what you’ve learned and going for it! If it doesn’t turn out the way you planned, you learn from it and go again!


My glass journey has been an amazing learning process in which I have enjoyed every single lesson and every time I am in my studio I learn something new!

  • Vice President of Art First Gallery

  • Member of Brush Strokes Gallery

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