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Vicki Meadows

After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Commercial Art, I drifted into graphic design. For over 50 years I had rarely lifted a brush to paint creatively—my children have never seen me paint. About eight years ago I’d begun slowly and seriously to reacquaint myself with painting by outfitting a studio with appropriate ceiling lighting and amassing supplies, reading up and exploring “YouTube” videos for painters and color theory, and eventually taking on-line workshops. Art is a solitary endeavor, so by the arrival of COVID—when I was effectively grounded—I had begun painting in earnest. I am interested painting landscapes, flora, portraits, and still lifes. I am especially curious about WC/oils/pastels effects combined with graphics and photography collages. I am intrigued by almost any two-dimensional medium: pastels, pen and ink, oils, watercolor and photography. In my rediscovery of both WC and oils media so far my motto has been, “Just do it!” It’s all filed under “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

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