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Barbara Taylor Hall

​​Artist Statement

When I paint, I set out to create a mood rather than recording what I see in front of me. This intuitive approach allows the painting to develop in unique and interesting directions. Even if I wished to, it would be impossible for me to recreate a given work. In that sense, my paintings are truly unique.


I lean toward abstraction because of its subtlety and highly personal nature. Through my art, I can express how I feel and send something of myself into the larger world. That’s a very powerful thing.



Growing up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, I was fortunate that my mother was an artist who always encouraged my creative efforts.


My degrees from the College of Wooster and Northwestern University were not in art, and it was only later when I took studio art courses at Virginia Tech that I began to realize art’s possibilities. Since then, creating art has been an integral part of my life.


I relish the challenge of entering my work in juried shows and have attained Signature Member Status in the National Watercolor Society, the Southern Watercolor Society, and the Virginia Watercolor Society.


I have an extensive list of awards in national and local juried shows and my work is included in a number of private collections.

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