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Judy Green

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Artist Statement:

My passion to paint has been stirring within me since my early teen years. I grew up in Northern Michigan being surrounded by The AuSable River, Lake Huron and The Huron National Forest. This beautiful, peaceful surrounding inspired me to love the outdoors and appreciate nature. My creative streak has developed over the years starting with four years of high school art with an amazing teacher. My husband was in the US Navy for 20 years and we raised four sons, which was my top priority, but I was able to use my creative energy by taking college courses, reaching out in community involvement painting murals or banners, and crafting with friends. My family settled in Stafford, Va and have been here for 18 years. A career in Human Resource Management kept me extremely busy for several years but my passion to paint was sparked up again walking into a painting class with Bill Harris in Fredericksburg. The involvement of Bill’s class and his guidance helped me to dive deep into painting and opened an art community for me to grow with.


I am drawn to capture images of the outdoors, flowers, or animals. However, painting still life arrangements and architectural scenes draw my attention since I love the detail work. Art is always on my mind whether I’m driving in the mountains or looking at a vase of beautiful blooms. I created two beer labels for Adventure Brewing Company of Fredericksburg, and they keep several of my paintings on display. I am a commission artist using photographs to create a painting. Commission work brings inspiration because it’s important for me to be able to sprinkle life’s special moments on canvas and turn this into a gift or keepsake for someone. It’s rewarding and joyful to share my art with others, so I continue to follow the path of my painting passion!

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