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Gloria Affenit


I was fortunate to be born in New York City, surrounded by many stimulating artistic opportunities, and, as a result, have been “in love with” art since early childhood – a love that first manifested itself in a career in Interior Design. However, it was not until my early forties that I began to paint, exploring various mediums by attending workshops with prominent local, as well as national artists.

For many years, I concentrated on watercolor as a preferred medium which I used traditionally or layered into watercolor collage. When painting traditional works, I seek dramatic impact through color intensity and design. When painting abstracts or non-representational works, my emphasis is on form, texture, and color. I am more intrigued with design than with pictorial content. I find tremendous satisfaction and excitement when the work comes together as planned. Oftentimes, if my paintings are studied closely, a hidden message may be found. Regardless of the subject, the colors and vibrancy so typical of my work seem to bring life into each piece by giving an essence more of how we feel in our hearts than what we see with our eyes.


I work primarily in watercolor and acrylic, although recently I have expanded my focus to include collage as well as other applications, My goal is to continue to grow and produce more interesting paintings.

I have studied art at Miami Dade and Brevard Community Colleges and at UNC/Asheville. I continue to expand my knowledge of art by attending workshops. I have won numerous regional and national awards and have been represented by the Asheville Gallery of Art in Asheville, NC and the Design Gallery in Burnsville, NC. I am presently represented by the Mija Gallery in Weaverville, NC and the Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA.

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