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Therisa Bennett


Therisa considers "home" at her grandparent’s cabin on the river in North Pole, Alaska. As a child, this is the place where she was most loved, protected and encouraged. Therisa was taught by her indigenous grandmother about Jesus, unconditional love, respect for the land (especially the river) and how to create beauty in the darkest of times. Her late grandmother, Caroline Silas, was a master beadwork artist and Therisa's greatest influence. As a single, young mother, she acquired a BA in Art with a minor in Theatre from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She has worked in musical theatre, radio, cover bands and voice over for 30 years. Now, as a married mother with two teenagers at home, she continues to take workshops, classes and online programs to expand her knowledge and explore the world of paint, most recently with cold wax and oil. She has worked taking commissions for fine art, pet portraits, house portraits, mural painting and special FX Make-up. Since moving to Virginia in 2017, she has let go of performing arts and in this new season, is laser focused on finding her voice in paint. Her greatest joy is found in working intuitively on landscapes, finding that her best work arrives thru experimenting and emotion. Therisa belongs to the Han Gwichin tribe of Eagle, Alaska and comes from a family of land protectors, she does her best to up-cycle and use the least toxic mediums and materials possible. She is a member of The Indian Arts and Crafts Board and is IACB Compliant.

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