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Nicole Myers

Historical architecture and dreamy, moody landscapes are some of my favorite motifs. I find classical architecture particularly attractive and aim to capture its romantic nature, while also giving homage to the mastery of its ingenuity and design. I marvel and often feel dwarfed by such architectural feats. The same is often true of landscapes that I feature in my collections. I enjoy capturing vast, open spaces and the potential for power juxtaposed with the potential for peace. Many of these works take the form of beach and seascapes.


I can remember when I first discovered Monet, and the first time I saw his “Rouen Cathedrals” in the National Gallery of Art in DC. I was in fourth grade, and I was in love. The play of colors, light and shadows was something that immediately resonated deeply within me. It instilled in me a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the entire Impressionist movement that still thrives today and heavily influences my work, especially my paintings. I do enjoy working in all forms of 2D traditional drawing and painting media, most especially acrylic paints, pastels and graphite. I tend to capitalize on color temperature and use loose, painterly styles to capture the wistful, moody plays of lights and shadows that thrilled me so many years ago and still do today.

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