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Elise King-Lynch

Artist Statement

I grew up in a very artistic household which fostered my love for art.  I carried this love with me through my career life as well as my life as a mother.  Thought I also enjoy drawing and painting, I’m always on the lookout for the next experience. A chance discovery at a 5&10 store started my journey with egg art.  Initially I wrote traditional Ukrainian pysanky.  Jane Pollak’s book “Exquisite Eggs” inspired me to try different techniques and designs.  From there I incorporated my affinity for detail into my unique style.  Many times, I’m inspired by suggestions from everyday life which I juxtapose with mathematical arrangements and meticulous linework.  Of course, I do have a lighter side to my personality that emerges in my work from time to time.  I’m driven by the reactions of the observer and enjoy hearing comments such as “wow”, “incredible” or my favorite “that’s just crazy”.

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