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Patricia Giovannoni

I was born in a small town surrounded by mountains, with beautiful views and weather and a many family members and friends.  Curious about the world beyond, I moved to Buenos Aires for a few years; I was enamored by the big city lights and life, the art and beauty inherent to a capital city. My life changed drastically again when I moved to the US in 1990, to work for an international organization. While working for this organization, art was my way to express my thoughts and feelings, to open my world to those around me through painting and exploring different techniques. 


During the day I performed clerical work, and, outside this environment, I was learning to be an artist, in love with encaustic (hot wax) painting and gelli printing. I translated my emotions, thoughts and feelings into my work with the dream that someday these little pieces of me would feed someone else’s soul and brighten someone else’s home. 


Since 2008, I attended regular art classes with talented local artists, Eric Westbrook and Antonia Ramis Miguel, on painting techniques, color theory, perspective, and drawing. Along the way, and always curious about new techniques and art in general, I attended other workshops, by, Leah Wetmore, on fused glass jewelry; Lynda Ray, on encaustic painting; Julio Valdez, on solar plate printing; and, Ezequiel Taveras, on clay hand-building.


Every one of these mediums and techniques have their beauty in its materials, their own moodiness, and requirements. In the end, I feel more identified with paintings, acrylics and encaustic, and the gelli printing. These allow me to transcribe textures, colors, and encase little pieces of nature in them.


"I am inspired not by one single thing, but by all that surround us: nature, its colors and textures the shadows and light. They all are part of a story to be told and shared."

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