Arches & Arcs: 

 The exhibit is comprised of three of my ongoing series of artworks. The series are derived from photos and drawings of a park in Richmond, the abandoned water works structures in the Fredericksburg Old Mill district, and an old fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico called El Morro. Art media: digital photographs, acrylic drawings, photo transfer drawings


Statement: All my artworks are derived from my own observations, sketches, and photographs of the human-made or natural world around me and from ideas that enter my head at any time. Many of the objects and places they inhabit may be worn, broken, neglected, or under construction. I rarely sketch or take photographs of things that are beautiful or polished because I am not interested in making pretty pictures or in reproducing nature.

 I am interested in the action and visual appearance of mark-making, layering, movement, and depth in my artworks, and also seeing these elements in other artists’ works. Further, I feel the need to create a complexity of marks and colors, in many instances to the point of abstraction; however, it is just as important for me to maintain some degree of realistic and skillful drawing in the work.