Nesting Habits

by April Freeman & Elise King-Lynch

The two artists could not have paired up for a more perfect show. The softness of Ariel's nests and intricacy of Elise’s eggs compliment each other in a wonderful contrast. Demonstrating that even though there are many differences in their work they are stronger together.

As a nurse and artist, Ariel has long appreciated the relationship between creative expression, health, and well-being.  “Through art we find connectedness to ourselves and others, which became even more paramount over the last year. ” says Ariel.


‘Nesting habits’ is a series of paintings she

began in early 2020, when home became a place of refuge, safety, and peace from the unknown of the pandemic and social unrest.  The paintings created over the year summate a personal journey, finding a place of comfort and support, soothing the turmoil created by financial and family uncertainty, and the realization as a parent, that children grow and move on.


While Ariel’s work is concentrating on the nests, Elise is more interested in the denizens of the nest, the eggs. Elise’s last show was called ‘Eggstremes’ which focused on intricate patterns and precision.  “Today I am still drawn to precise lines in my work, but I am also experimenting with more natural designs.” Says Elise.


Ariel Freeman is an artist and nurse who lives and paints in northern Virginia.  Ariel works in watercolor, pastel, and most recently oils. She is a native of Texas, received her BS at the University of Texas in Austin, and her MS in nursing at George Washington University.  In addition to art, she is a Nurse Practitioner at Virginia Cardiovascular Consultants in Fredericksburg.  She lives in Stafford VA.

Elise King- Lynch grew up in a very artistic household which fostered her love for art.  “I carried this love with me through my career life as well as my life as a mother” she says. She has been working with eggs for over 20 years. It all started with a fascination with the simple tools she found in a 5&10 shop.  “I bought the tools wax and dyes and took a copy of the page on “how to write pysanky”.    Since then, I have explored the medium from traditional pysanky designs to designs inspired by everything from geometrics to nature. I also like working with larger eggs starting with goose to ostrich and everything in between.” From there she incorporated her affinity for detail into her unique style. Though she also enjoys drawing and painting, She’s always on the lookout for the next experience. “Many times, I’m inspired by suggestions from everyday life which I juxtapose with mathematical arrangements and meticulous linework.  Of course, I do have a lighter side to my personality that emerges in my work from time to time.  I’m driven by the reactions of the observer and enjoy hearing comments such as “wow”, “incredible” or my favorite “that’s just crazy.”