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Curtiss Poormon

Curtiss was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.  In 1971 he enlisted in the Air Force and served twenty years as a Master Meteorologist. During his assignment in Monterey, California his art career began, painting various coastal wildlife.  Moving to Alaska his career as a wildlife artist greatly improved, serving as the president of the United Alaskan Artists.  Later assignments in Great Falls, Montana served to further enhance the quality of his work.  After retiring in 1991 Curtiss moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where he served as president of the Poudre Valley Art League.

Curtiss has worked with Ducks Unlimited and was honored as Colorado Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year in 1994.   In 2018 he was selected as the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist of the Year. He has been a semi-finalist in the Federal Duck Stamp Contest four times.

old squaws spring.jpeg

In 2010 Curtiss began his writing career using some of his personal experiences as the background for his books while taking masterful literary license in the creation of his adventure/fantasy novels.  Curtiss has three books published to date, the fourth due for release in November 2021. (Available on


Curtiss has spent numerous hours in the wilderness areas throughout the country photographing wildlife, the images of which are later used in his paintings.  He is known for his remarkable detail in creating memorable images of birds and wildlife he’s seen and photographed. Currently, he lives with his wife in Lake Anna Virginia, where he spends numerous hours on the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers photographing shore birds, eagles and ospreys, not to mention a few hours of quiet time fishing.

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