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2020 Exhibits

There's *Snow*
Place Like

December 2020

The gallery members came together to show festive holiday gifts and works that celebrate wintertime wonders.

Our Eyes

November 2020

The gallery members came together to show works that celebrate our beautiful city. 

Explosion of Color 

October 2020

The October show at Art First has the theme, "Explosion of Color" and features artists, Sophia Constantine and Wayne Russell.  Wayne and Sophia are neighbors and have worked together on multiple shows and art events in the Fredericksburg area over the past several years.  Their subject areas are varied and features scenes of Fredericksburg and the surrounding area, as well as abstract paintings with a variety of colors.

"Size Matters"

September 2020

"My show, "Size Matters” was inspired by my fascination with quantum mechanics, the physics of the very small, the sub-atomic world. [...] I saw connections between these subjects and my readings a sort of melding of art & science.

The result is a show that dallies between the 2D and 3D, the manipulation of colors, shapes, sizes and repetition of objects. My imagination and my responses to my readings helped create these pieces."