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Kit Paulsen

Kit Paulsen is an award-winning watercolorist from Knoxville, TN, whose works have been described as “expressive”, “brave” and “Hey, lady, what’s this supposed to be?”

After escaping a successful career in professional advertising, she exalted in focusing entirelly on watercolor as a fine arts painter and also as an illustrator.. Kit is a member of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and the Pittsburgh Soociety of Illustrators. She takes pleasure in being active in the arts community and in the fact that her works are displayed in many businesses, galleries and homes.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Tennessee with a double major in both design and painting, Kit and her husband Scott just moved from a farm in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands to Fredericksburg, VA, so her foocus on all things country is changing to all things beach. Fredericksburg is a nice mix of subject matter, both historic and coastal, and there is such joy in exploring!

“I love the process of putting down what I see, of finding the poetry of place,” says Kit. “My favorite creations are those which tell a story, making the viewer want to study them and enjoy his/her own interpretation.”

Big Green Wave master.jpg
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