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Patti Durbin

Artist Statement

The name of my company is E.Y.A.Y.A. which stands for Embrace Yourself As You Are.

My images are diverse, just as we are, and I believe they express the joy and uniqueness found in embracing yourself as you are. Weaving positive messages of diversity and self-empowerment into my creations is a central goal of my artistic practice. I believe that art has the power to shape and enrich our lives and I strive to create art in my own studio practice that aligns with these themes that are so important to me personally. I love it when my art can help provide a daily reminder for my collectors of the joy of expressing their true selves. I approach art from an organic perspective, creating many of my original pieces in a mixed media format incorporating fabric and other recycled materials. Much of the art emerges naturally when I interact with the materials I work with.

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