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Sara Wenger

Sara Wenger- Justicia was born and raised in New York City, She grew up far away from mountains and tree covered trails, so it is very ironic that she finds her artistic inspiration while backpacking and hiking in the wilderness. Her artwork are snippets of personal memories she has had with mother nature; a place where she feels most at peace with herself. She often works small; a pen, pencil, and portable watercolor set since it is easy for her to carry on her hikes. She likes the intimacy of a small paper since it encourages her to look more at the smaller things in the world. Among her interests are rock formations, mountains, tree bark, and the tiny mushrooms and fungus one finds at the base of tree trunks.

Currently, Sara resides in Triangle VA. She has her Master’s degree in Art Education and works as an art educator teaching young students to find their own voices in the art they make. 

She recently returned from walking 2,193.1 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Her longest hike yet took her 150 days from Georgia to Maine. You can bet her recent thru- hike can be found in her newest works.



social media: @sara_wenger_justicia

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